• Downsizing Woes – How to Help Your Senior One Part Ways and Move Forward

    Like parting ways with an old, memory-filled car, there will eventually come a time when your loved one needs to consider downsizing to a smaller home. Perhaps there is too much house to maintain or the stairs to get the bedroom have become a safety hazard as well as a tiresome pain. Letting go is hard to do, and for your loved one, downsizing their home equates to downsizing their items, which can prove to be painful, sad, and overwhelming.

    If you are currently helping a loved one downsize, we’ve listed helpful tips below to make the process as easy as possible (for more advice, see Closetbox.com’s 6 tips for downsizing here):

    Take It Slow

    When it comes to downsizing for a move, people often cling to items, even if they haven’t used them in 20 years, as a way to deal with the stress and fear of moving. In order to make downsizing less stressful, take it nice and slow.

    Rather than charge full steam ahead, tackle the home room by room to avoid stressing your senior loved one both emotionally and physically. Preparing for a move should be thought of in terms of months. Spend a few hours each week going room by room, and frame decisions in a yes-no format, as open-ended questions create uncertainty and doubt.

    The key to successful sorting and purging is organization. As you sort through items, avoid the insistence from your loved one to have a “maybe” pile. Instead, follow the OHIO rule: Only handle it once. Replace the “maybe” pile with the following three piles: keep, donate, and sell.

    The most-used items should be kept, but if your loved one’s response to whether or not they use the item is that they want to keep it “just in case,” this is a sure sign that they’ll likely never use it and someone else could benefit from it. For items you wish to donate, make sure they are in good condition and only gently used.

    Check with local charities to see which items they take and are in need of, and keep the receipt to use for potential tax deductions. If you wish to sell items, ask your loved one whether or not they feel comfortable being present. It may be too painful for them to watch, but some may feel better being able to tell the story behind the item someone is purchasing.

    Get Creative

    You may find that as you are downsizing, your loved one finds items that don’t fit a particular category. For example, they may come across an item from their past, such as an antique china doll, that holds value and memories but they no longer have the space or use for. Encourage your loved one to use this as a time to re-home items to family and friends.

    Your loved one may feel better knowing that a particular item or piece will live on and be given the care and attention it deserves. Have your loved make a list of items they would like to gift and the person it should go to. Arrange for the items to be picked up as soon as possible, as seeing them go will surely be bitter sweet.

    If your loved one is really struggling to part with a particular item but it can’t be kept, offer to make a scrapbook with pictures of their treasured items. You can even write the accompanying description of the item, as well as the story and memories attached to it.

    While you are going digital, go ahead and digitize important documents, CDs, DVDs, videos, and pictures. Not only will this protect against inevitable wear and tear, but it will come in handy when relatives request copies of family photos.

    Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful as long as you have patience and take things slowly. Understand that any life transition is a huge change, and it is no different for your senior loved one. Be there for them during this change to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

  • Do You Need a Closer? What you NEED to Know When Closing on Your Home!

    You have submitted your offer and it has been accepted, now what?

    There are many things that go on behind the scenes as you patiently wait for your loan to go through underwriting and for the paperwork to get settled for you to close on your new home. In all real estate transactions the title company will run a title search and examine public records to look for past deeds, wills, trusts, divorce decrees, bankruptcy filings, court judgments and tax records that may be faulty or outstanding.

    It’s imperative that the title company you are working with is ahead of schedule, as any title issues that come up must be cleared up before the transfer of ownership happens. Knowing what some of the most common issues to look out for can be a huge help, really stressing the importance of using a realtor.

    So what should you look out for when the title company gives you the preliminary title report? If you aren’t sure how to read it make sure you see your title agent for explanation on each item.

    Items that may come up on the initial title search

    Unknown Liens

    This is the assurance that the contractor has when doing work on a home or property. The contractor would place a lien on the property before starting the work to ensure payment once the work is completed. Usually the problem comes up when the contractor fails to file a “satisfaction” of the lien and it remains on the properties title.

    It’s imperative for the title company to make sure that the lien was filed properly and recorded in the public records. A mechanic’s lien can usually be resolved without much problem but it can be time consuming and could delay your closing.

    Bankruptcies or Child Support

    This is another source of title issues. One common occurrence is when a seller buys a property while single but then gets married to someone who has recently filed for bankruptcy. The title company must make sure that the spouse has signed off on the deed, and if not it, would be required to petition the court to release the property.

    Another problem arises when a divorced parent does not remove a lien for child support. If the child in turn inherits the father or mothers property, a lien placed by the opposing parent could show up in the title search and it could potentially prevent a sale. The child would have to get the surviving parent to sign off that the debt has been paid in full in order to have a clear and transferable title.

    Errors in Public Records or Forgeries 

    When clerical errors affect your home ownership rights, it could be devastating. Errors such as an improper address or incorrect square footage could cause issues when running title searches. In this day and age we don’t live in a completely honest world. It’s important for the Title Company to run title searches to make sure there are no forged or fabricated documents that could potentially affect the ownership of the property

    Boundary and Unknown Easements

    This is a critical portion of the title and lien search. If you don’t know there are certain easements that could prohibit you from using your future land and or home it could cause serious consequences. Having the most up to date survey is also crucial for the home buyer as prior surveys could give neighbors or other parties the ability to claim ownership to part of your property.

    What can you do to prevent issues in the future? The best thing you can do is to get title insurance, which will protect against any title problems that may come up after you close your real estate transaction. To get a quote on the cost of the policy speak to your title and closing agent. The cost for a policy is a one-time fee and the policy remains in effect as long as you own the property.

    If you have any further questions about closing your transaction or issues that could come up please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Call Albin Hubscher at 407-404-4041.

  • The Reserve at Legacy Park – Casselberry, FL

    The opportunity has come, for those who want to own a new construction single family home from the mid $200’s in the highly desired community of Reserve at Legacy Park.

    Reserve at Legacy Park is a new construction community located in Casselberry, FL. It has already started pre-selling lots and is scheduled to have its grand opening on August 13th. There has been a lot of excitement and buzz for this community to be completed. Taking a look and moving quick on these new single family homes is absolutely recommended.

    With only 120 lots this community will feature luxurious custom interiors, recognized quality brand names, energy efficient features and have community amenities.

    Geneva School

            Future Site of the Geneva School

    The Homebuilder for the Reserve at Legacy Park

    Pulte Homes is the builder behind Legacy Park. If you are familiar with new construction homes you may be familiar with Pulte Homes, they are one of the nations largest home building companies and has been around since 1950. They are no stranger to developing these new communities, and the quality of their work is always showcased.

    Amenities at the Reserve at Legacy Park

    The gated community features a dog park, community park and a neighborhood pool. With the proximity to highly rated Seminole County Schools, this community has so much to offer. Adjacent to the Reserve at Legacy Park will be the newly built Geneva School.

    The community features 7 home designs that range from 2- 5 bedrooms. The size of the homes varies from 1,821– 3,172 square feet. Prices are starting in the mid $200’s and go up to the mid $400’s. The sales center for the community is located on site and will feature two models.

    If you’d like to take a look at all of the amenities that are going to be included in the homes here, feel free to email me at info@cflprimerealestate.com and I can send you a .pdf download right away!


    Where Exactly is The Reserve at Legacy Park Located?

    New Homes at Reserve at Legacy Park - Casselberry, FL

            Map Location of The Reserve at Legacy Park

    Reserve at Legacy Park is conveniently located between I-4 and 417. It is just off Seminola Blvd in Casselbery and is just minutes from the Winter Springs Town Center.

    How Get More Information?

    With the increased demand in this community it is likely to have several price increases during construction. To get more information on the community and the availability of home sites call Albin Hubscher at 407-404-4041.

  • Advantages of working with a Licensed Realtor®

    Central Florida Rental Market

    Are you getting frustrated with the limited rental inventory? Like most people you are probably relying on Zillow, Hotpads, and Realtor.com to help you find a rental property. In today’s market you have to give yourself the advantage of working with a Realtor. There are numerous advantages of working with a licensed Realtor® that you may not have even thought about. Lets see if I can convince you to pick up the phone and call me (Albin Hubscher) to help you find your next rental property.

    Advantages of working with a Licensed Realtor®

    -Your agent can access the property without you being there and take extra photos while being able to Facetime with you if you aren’t able to make the showing.

    -By Facetiming or having extra photos you may be more comfortable putting in an application before actually seeing the property.

    -Your agent can walk you through the application process and answer any questions you may have about the application.

    -Before spending your money on an application fee talk to your Realtor® to see if you are a qualified applicant for the property.

     Here are a few things to consider before paying that application fee.

    -Do you make at least 3X the amount of the rent payment? (For example if your current gross income on a monthly basis is $6,000 a month you can qualify for a monthly rental of $2,000 a month.)

    -Do you have background issues that would prevent you from qualifying for the property?

    -How is your credit score? If you are unsure what your credit score is sign up to get a free credit score report. You can also contact your bank to have them run your credit score.

    -Do you have pets? If so make sure that the property allows pets.

    Now that you have filled out the application what is next?

    Once you have filled out the proper application and paid the required application fee the waiting period begins. If the unit is being rented through a property management company it could take longer to get an approval. If the landlord is managing the rental your response to your application could come back much quicker. If you are approved the next step in the process is to agree on the terms and sign the lease.  If you are uncomfortable reviewing the lease you can contact your attorney to review any of the terms and stipulations on the lease.

    Moving into your new rental

    Now that you have signed the required lease it is time to move into your new rental. If you are needing a mover or any other help before you move in make sure to contact your Realtor® for any vendors they may recommend to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    The best part about using a licensed Realtor®

    In this ever changing real estate market it is very important to give yourself the competitive edge when looking for a rental property. The best part about using a Licensed Realtor® is that you there is no out of pocket fee. It is entirely free to use a Realtor when looking for rental property. Have I convinced you yet?

    Pick up the phone and call me – 407-404-4041 when looking for your next rental property.

  • The Perks Of Living In College Park Orlando

    Orlando Realtor Shares:
    The Perks Of Living In College Park

    Have you ever wondered how College Park was founded? This distinct neighborhood within the city of Orlando derives its name from the streets that were named for institutions of higher learning such as Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Back in 1880, John Ericsson built the first home in the area that is now known as College Park. College Park is within close proximity to downtown Orlando, making it a popular place to live for people of all ages including seniors, young professionals and families.

    College Park has a small community feel and allows its residents to access many restaurants and College Park Homebusinesses and travel to other downtown areas without having to get on I-4. One feature that sets College Park apart from other neighboring towns is the small, quaint town, which is centered around Edgewater Drive. On this main street, residents and passersby have access to local dining establishments, dry cleaners, coffee shops and other mom-and-pop type shops.

    College Park Real Estate Market

    Today the Real Estate market is booming in and around College Park. With a limited amount of inventory to choose from, it is more difficult to find single-family homes, which has lead to an increase in price. There are a few options when it comes to townhomes and condos, but the majority of College Park is made up of bungalows, craftsman-style homes and single-family estates. If you are in the market for a new home or looking to sell your home in College Park, call Albin Hubscher at Central Florida Prime Real Estate for all your Real Estate needs.

    My Favorite Things About College Park


    College Park is home to some great restaurants. My favorite, by far, is
    K Restaurant, with notable chef/owner Kevin Fonzo ( a nominee for the James Beard Award) at the helm, serving delicious food that focuses on locally sourced ingredients. Located in a free-standing renovated house with a fantastic wrap-around porch, K has been honored by almost every award in Orlando from “Neighborhood Gem” to “Best Restaurant in Orlando. K has been featured in “Bon Appetite Magazine”, “Nation’s Restaurant News”, “Orlando Leisure”, “Florida Trend” and “The Orlando Sentinel”. K was also honored as one of “America’s Top Restaurants” by Zagat.

    Trevi Pasta is another favorite of mine. Trevi Pasta is a small storefront pasta shop with a few tables, just like you would find in a neighborhood in Italy. At Trevi Pasta, fresh pasta in a variety of shapes (fusilli, paccheri, pappardelle and tagliatelle, to name a few) and great flavors such as garlic, rosemary, and spinach, are made daily and along with four different types of sauces, and can be eaten in or taken out. Trevi Pasta also stocks a good amount of Italian groceries and has by far, the best gelato this side of Italy. Trevi Pasta is a family affair. Owners Angelo and Vanessa Falcone make the pasta, Vanessa’s mother makes the sauces and a cousin makes the gelato.

    Outpost KitchenOutpost Neighborhood Kitchen is a charming, rustic restaurant that serves homey, made-from-scratch, Southern food such as fried or roasted chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, meatloaf melts, burgers and pot pies. The restaurant offers both beer and wine on tap and hosts a popular Sunday brunch that features bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and live entertainment.

    Gabriel’s Submarine Shop has been a College Park institution for over 50 years! Owner Kevin Gabriel’s father Paul, started the shop back in 1958 at a time when no one in Orlando seemed to know what a submarine sandwich was. The establishment is known for excellent service and friendly staff. Do yourself a favor and head on down to Gabriel’s Submarine Shop for authentic tasting subs and highest quality ingredients since 1958!

    Coffee and Tea Shops

    Credo is a non-profit coffee shop where you won’t find prices, only “suggested donations” and any extra money made off the sales is given back to the coffee farmers. Credo is a place where the community congregates – with free Wi-Fi, local artists’ work hung on the shop’s walls, and occasional live music.

    Infusion Tea is a charming little organic tea café that is located in a in a little retro building on Edgewater and serves delicious vegetarian and vegan fare and baked along with their wonderful selection of teas.

    College Park – Parks and Activities

    Dubsread Golf Course is a historic golf club that has been an Dubsdread golf course Orlando institution since 1924 and once hosted a number of early professional golf tournaments. The 18-hole course is owned by the City of Orlando and is still popular with locals and their guests today. Golfers are treated to beautiful scenery and a challenging course that includes narrow fairways and heavily bunkered, “postage stamp” style greens. The facility includes a lighted driving range, large putting green and two chipping and bunker areas as well as the popular Tap Room Restaurant.

    College Park Community Center and Pool is a wonderful community amenity that offers a fitness center, computer lab, pool, playground and pavilion. In addition, residents of College Park can take advantage of the many programs the community center offers, such as after-school programs, vacation day camps, summer camps and senior programs. The community center also teaches classes in fitness, archery, fencing, badminton, yoga and karate.

    Darmouth Park is a quiet sanctuary located on over 3 acres in the middle of College Park. Local families enjoy the park for its playground, pavilions large oak tress and open lawns. The park is a popular spot for birthday parties, local events and other celebrations.

    Call Central Florida Prime Real Estate

  • Why I love Mills Park District

    Why I love Mills Park District

    The Mills Park District of Central Florida is conveniently located between Winter Park and Downtown Orlando, and offers plenty of activities for individuals of all ages. With the recent opening of the Mills 50 plaza which includes The Fresh Market, Firebirds, and the Gallery at Mills Park, a 310 unit apartment complex, the area is a convenient place to live, and play.

    The Mills Park district has always been known for its eclectic art scene, and unique Asian grocery stores Pig floydsand restaurants, but more recently it has been home to several new and upcoming restaurants that have quickly become staples, and favorites. Included in the list of my personal favorite are Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa, Santiagos Bodega, Hawkers Asian Street Fair, and The Propagation Coffee shop.

    There is something for everyone when it comes to things to do and experience in and around the Mills Park District. Leu Gardens, located just minutes from Mills Park boasts beautiful gardens, and often hosts family or couples movie nights; the Orlando Science Center and Museum of Art also have plenty of activities for all ages. For the adults looking to have some fun there is an active nightlife scene in the area, including several bars, restaurants that stay open late and even a winery called Quantum Leap. Other local businesses that cater to your overall experience of the area include Marilyn Monroe Nail Salon, Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar and Barre Method; all helping you to feel and look your best.

    galleryWhen it comes to living in the Mills Park District there are varieties of architectural styles that are prominent in this part of town. Single story bungalows and duplexes make up a majority of the real estate market around Mills Park. With the ease and convenience of location, many homeowners are able to walk to the areas attractions and resturants.

    If you’re looking to be in the heart of Orlando’s up and coming Mills district, I’d be happy to help you consider the various real estate and rental options, and show you around this fantastic neighborhood.






    Call Central Florida Prime Real Estate- Albin Hubscher 407-404-4041

  • Orlando’s Up and Coming Neighborhood: Audubon Park

    Orlando’s Up and Coming Neighborhood: Audubon Park

    Arguably one of the most upcoming neighborhoods in the Central Florida area is Audubon Park located in Orlando nestled between Winter Park and Baldwin Park. Audubon Park is a traditional Orlando neighborhood that has a small community feel, with just over 900 homes the area is known for its tree- lined streets and its unique architecture. Audubon Park is only a short drive form Downtown Orlando making it easily accessible to those who work and play downtown. Audubon Park is also a wonderful area for families as there are many community gatherings and various family oriented activities. These include, movie night, a spooky Halloween zombie night, cooking and gardening demonstrations and various pop up markets. Audubon Park is also zoned for the areas top school districts including Audubon Elementary, Glenridge Middle and Winter Park High school. It is also home to Baldwin Oaks Montessori school and just a few minutes away from the areas prestigious preparatory schools.

    Audubon park is home to the well known East End Market and is known for its beautiful gardens includingEast End Market Leu Gardens and Blue Jacket Park. The area also has a thriving small business community, which draws visitors from surrounding areas.

    So what are my favorite things to do in Audubon Park? I am glad you asked!

    I would suggest starting your day off with an Artisanal cup of coffee from Lineage Coffee at East End Market. As you sip on your cup of coffee you can walk through East End Market and see what the buzz is all about. Some of my favorite small businesses in the area include Blue Bird Bake Shop , The R. Nichols Shop (stationary & gifts) P is for Pie, and Fresh 24 to pick up local produce. If you happen to be in the area on a Monday evening I would highly suggest visiting Stardust Coffee and Tea for the weekly Farmers Market where farmers and artists share their local product and crafts with the community. If visiting Audubon in the evening, I would suggest starting the night off with a craft beer at Red Light- Red Light and indulging in delicious tapas and a glass for Sangria from Txokos Basque Kitchen at East End Market.Audubon Park Community Market_0

    As you can tell I am a big fan of this little gem of a neighborhood called Audubon Park. It would be my pleasure to help you explore the Real Estate Market in this charming Orlando Community.

    Call Albin Hubscher



  • Why I Love Baldwin Park | Orlando Florida Realtor Shares His Favorites

    The Best Of Baldwin Park, Orlando Florida

    Outside of Orlando, and near Winter Park, is the planned community of Baldwin Park
    . Baldwin Park was originally a navy base that was converted into a luxury residential neighborhood. Baldwin Park boasts a convenient downtown area, tree lined streets, an abundance of parks and walking paths, kid friendly playgrounds, a scenic lake, and a dog park. Baldwin Park is also zoned for some of the topOrlando real estate Market

    school districts in the area, including Audubon Elementary, Glenridge Middle School, and Winter Park High School; it is also conveniently located near Trinity Preparatory Academy, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Park Maitland School, and Baldwin Oaks Montessori academy. 
    Homes in Baldwin Park range from the mid 200’s to over 1.5 million. Home types includ
    e single-family homes, condos, apartments, townhomes and estates. Baldwin Park is known for being a safe, family friendly community with various community events and amenities. New Broad Street has recently gone through management change, increasing local business, and bringing new concepts to the area.

    Top Baldwin Park Restaurants:

    Top Retail Locations:

    Other Baldwin Park Attractions:

    Baldwin Park Conveniences:

    • CVS
    • Publix
    • Publix Liquor
    • Dry Cleaner
    • Multiple hair salons
    • Baldwin Nails
    • Tanning Salon

    Baldwin Park is not only a convenient place to live due to its proximity to Winter Park, Downtown Orlando, and up and coming Audubon Park. Baldwin Park is also a beautiful and scenic town, popular with those who enjoy the outdoors.

    Baldwin Park Outdoor Activities

    • 3 mile lake trail along Lake Baldwin
    • Easy access to Caddy way Trail
    • Sailing lessons on Lake Baldwin
    • Multiple Parks and Playgrounds
    • Fleet Peoples Dog Park
    • 3 pools accessible for residents

    As an Orlando Based Real estate agent I often highly recommend my clients to consider Baldwin Park as a possible location. Whether you are a single individual, a young family, or nearing retirement Baldwin Park Offers many conveniences, amenities, and activities for its residents in a community environment.

    If you are looking for a home in the Central Florida Area I urge you to consider becoming a resident of Baldwin Park. I would be more than happy to show you this little town I personally call home.

    Speak With An Orlando Realtor Now
    Albin Hubscher


  • What To Do In Winter Park Florida | Orlando Realtor Shares Tips

    Top 15 Things To Do In Winter Park Florida

    orlando real estate in winter parkAs an Orlando based realtor, I believe Winter Park is on of the most special towns in the Central Florida area. Winter Park Florida is a wonderful place to live and visit. With its incredible food scene and wonderful shops its no wonder everyone gravitates towards this fantastic town in Central Florida. Winter Park Florida is unlike any other community in Central Florida, boasting a small town feel with the amenities of a big city. No matter your life stage you are sure to find something to do. With the recent addition of the Sun Rail you can now hop on the train at neighboring towns and arrive to Winter Park in just a few short minutes.
    The surrounding real estate market in Winter Park Florida is hotter than ever. People from all over the state and nation are flocking to this historic and scenic town. Homes for sale in Winter Park are selling for record prices and remodels and tear downs are in huge demand. Whether you are looking for a home on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes or one on the many tree lined streets there is something out there for you, and I’d be happy to help you find it. Also, if you are looking for a townhouse or condo, Winter Park also offers several choices within walking distance to Park Avenue.

    If you are visiting Winter Park for the first time, I’d be happy to point you in the direction of some of my personal favorite things to do. Depending on the time of the year you visit you may even be able to catch the famous Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival which is held in March every year, and draws artists from around the country. In 2015 the Art Festival was ranked number 5 in the nation. With the recent increase in tourism Winter Park even has a dedicated website for visitors.

    Here are my recommendations on things to do and see while you are visiting Winter Park.

    Top Winter Park breakfast spots

    • Briar Patch on Park Avenue
    • Barney’s Coffee
    • Croissant Gourmet

    Top Winter Park dinner spots

    • Luma on Park Avenue
    • Prato on Park Avenue
    • Cask and Larder
    • Ravenous Pig
    • Bosphorus Turkish Cousine

    Top things to do around Park Avenue

    • Winter Park Boat Tour 
    • Stroll and shop on the Avenue (Park Avenue)
    • Relax on Central Park Lawn
    • Play Golf at the Winter Park Country Club
    • Winter Park Morse Museum of Historic Art
    • Casa Feliz Historic Museum
    • Visit The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens

    If you are new to the area or considering relocating to Winter Park I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss housing options whether you are in the market to rent or purchase.

    Call Albin Hubscher
    Orlando Florida Realtor


  • Buying or Selling Your home: Baldwin Park Florida

    Baldwin Park Real Estate Market- An Oasis within the Central Florida Area

    If you are in the market for a new home in Baldwin Park Florida, or simply looking for a someone to help you market and sell your home you have come to the right spot.

    Buying or selling a home is a big decision, probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. Give me the opportunity to help you and guide you the entire way. I have lived in Baldwin Park for almost 10 years and know the community inside and out. There are certain areas within the community that are more popular than others. If you have young kids there are parts of the neighborhood that may benefit you more than others. One prime example is the area between Upper Union and Lower Union. If you have young kids this area is prime for children as there is a nice park and large playground.

    Scattered throughout Baldwin Park are areas where kids come together and play. These areas include Blue Jacket Park, Crescent Moon park, and Enders Park. There are also three beautiful pools scattered throughout the neighborhood. If being active and enjoying the outdoors is important than Baldwin Park is a perfect place to call home.

    If you are not in the position to purchase a home there are plenty of opportunities to rent throughout the Baldwin Park area including Azul Baldwin Park, Enders Place, Post Lake, Majestic Apartments, and also Village at Baldwin Park. There is something out there for whatever your need may be.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a great community. Call me today and let me show you how living in Baldwin can change the way you think about life.

    Call Albin Hubscher
    Orlando Florida Realtor


    Orlando Realtor Shares his knowledge of Baldwin Park



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