How To Market & Sell Your Central Florida Property

Central Florida Prime Real Estate designs a completely custom marketing plan and selling approach for each listing. Each home is unique and different, thus we feel strongly that each home requires a customized marketing approach and selling plan. It is important to increase the marketability of your home to ultimately get the most for your listing. Read below to learn more about our unique and comprehensive strategies we use to sell homes within the Central Florida community.

Web Campaign

With today’s technology, it is often not effective enough to simply list a property on the MLS- Multiple Listing Service and hope that the property sells. Strong online traffic allows Central Florida Prime Real Estate to grab the attention of buyers who are searching for a property online. Because each buyer has their own particular way of using web search, we make sure that your property is visible across all platforms. Here is a sample of some of the sites your property will be listed on.

The Importance Of Social Media

Today social media is how people communicate, share information, and keep in touch. One way we set ourselves apart from other agents is to successfully use social media platforms to advertise and gain exposure on your property including:

Social Media

Central Florida Prime Real Estate believes the importance of a web campaign can’t be stressed enough when putting together a comprehensive and complete plan to sell your home. Along with social media exposure, and external websites, your home will be featured on our website and blog.

Attracting The Orlando Area Home Buyer To Your Central Florida Property

Along with our comprehensive web campaign, we also advertise your property utilizing traditional methods that will attract potential buyers to your home. Open houses, property signage, staging, and photos of the property can greatly enhance it’s appeal and accessability to buyers.

Our Sales Approaches:

  • Comprehensive Social Media Campaign
  • Online and Internet Marketing
  • Open House
  • Attractive Signage
  • Staging (if needed)
  • Professional Photos
  • Marketing Materials

Networking With Other Agents

One of the most crucial steps is to let other Central Florida Real Estate agents know the property is for sale. When a large number of Orlando area agents know your property is for sale, the more your home will be discussed, and shown to potential buyers.

  • Entering your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is one of the first steps Central Florida Prime Real Estate will do when listing your property. Many people discuss appeal of the buyer, but also appealing to other agents is crucial, one of our major strengths is marketing your property on the MLS in a way that makes the home attractive to other agents. We believe it’s imperative to include high quality pictures, and a thorough and accurate description of your property on the MLS. We also closely monitor your properties activity during it’s duration on the MLS and make any changes as needed.
  • Reaching out to local agents – We personally inform Central Florida realtors and area agents about the property while your home is listed. We consistently reach out to local agents with information and updates regarding your home. With the vast list of our area contacts and direct agent relationships your listing will get the attention of others.
  • Doing the basics – Answering phone calls and emails – to some this may not seem like it’s worth mentioning, but what we’ve found within the field is that simply some agents don’t take phone calls and emails seriously, and often reply at their leisure. We believe in getting back to other agents, or private parties in a timely manner, whether during the weekday, evening, or weekend. We are readily accessible via email or phone to answer any and all questions and often respond within an hour.

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