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Are you in a position to purchase or sell your home in the Maitland Area? At Central Florida Prime Real Estate, we work thoroughly with both sellers and buyers to find the best fit for their needs in the Maitland area. We know the area very well and have a good understanding of the city, amenities and entertainment it has to offer for current and future homeowners.

A Closer Look At Maitland

Maitland is the classic, affluent Orlando suburb being located only 10 minutes north of Orlando. And not surprisingly, the city has a rich history and a major business identity that makes it one of the most desirable relocation destinations in Florida. With an average revenue of $4.5 million per business, Maitland was named #1 town in which to start a business in the State of Florida.

Like most of Florida, the area that now comprises Maitland was once inhabited by Native Americans and Maitland was actually named after Fort Maitland, an 1838 structure that was built on the western shore of Lake Fumecheliga (later changed to Lake Maitland) during the second Seminole War. The fort was torn down at the end of the war but the town remained.

Maitland features a historical corridor that includes historic homes that remain in the Lake Lily/Lake Catherine area and ranging through the middle of the city. Some of the well-known historic homes in the corridor include Chadburne Hall, the James Arch House, the Arthur O’Heir House and the Hill-Stone House. Maitland has become a business draw and a large employer with the addition of mega-companies such as Electronic Arts Tiburon Studio, the developers of video games including Madden NFL and NCAA Football. The Maitland Center is a huge complex of restaurants, hotels and offices located just off I-4.

The affluent look of the town is further enhanced by the many parks and picturesque lakes that can be found here. Outdoor activities are extremely popular including boating, fishing, swimming and more. The balmy year-round temperatures add to the attraction of nature immersion. Hiking trails can be found seemingly everywhere and tend to be a favorite weekend activity during the perpetual sunny Florida weather. Wildlife, especially birds, is abundant as the Florida Audubon Society was actually founded in Maitland and still focuses on the protection of wild birds on local lakes. Residents benefit greatly from the close proximity to the city of Orlando. World-class entertainment, shopping, dining and events are always available. And don’t forget that theme parks such as Disney, Sea World and more are just a stone’s throw away!

There is also plenty to do within the town limits. Maitland is home to the Florida Film Festival and Central Florida’s only independent movie theater (full-time), the Enzian Theater. For fans of the arts, the Maitland Art Center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a must-see! Several other community gatherings and cultural events are held throughout the year and are open to the public. Although homes here are priced higher on average than other communities, there are still plenty of opportunities for those on a tighter budget. One thing is for sure, when you purchase a home in Maitland, you will enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation, fine dining, upscale shopping, and community activities. Living here has its privileges!

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Homes for Sale in Maitland

At Central Florida Prime Real Estate, we are very familiar with the Maitland area and will work with buyers to find the best fit for their current needs. By looking closer at recent sales and current market conditions we can help determine the best price for properties on the market. Maitland can offer first time or repeat buyers with unique options including-

  • town homes or condos
  • single family homes
  • building a lakefront home
  • luxury homes

As agents in the Maitland area, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to make sure you get the home of your dreams. Maitland offers its residents a unique living experience. Let us show you how incredible it can be to live in Maitland!

Selling A Home In The Maitland Area

If you are looking for a local expert to sell your home within the Maitland Area look no further. We will work until your home gets sold and will not stop until you are completely satisfied. As agents of the community, we constantly monitor pricing and look at what is selling and can provide a detailed comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home to determine the best price and strategy for selling your home.

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