Are You Currently Renting In The Orlando Area?
Have You Ever Thought Of Owning Your Own Home?

Honestly, there has never been a better time to buy a home than today! With historically low interest rates you can purchase a home, town home, or condo for the nearly the same amount (or less) than you currently pay in rent.

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Are currently paying your landlord anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000 per year in rent?

Instead you could be:

  • Paying that money on a new home
  • Building equity into your home
  • Getting significant tax breaks as a homeowner
  • Taking advantage of historically low interest rates

Overcoming The Roadblocks & Becoming A Central Florida Homeowner

When getting ready to purchase a home in Central Florida there are several roadblocks you may need to consider. If home buying was easy, simply, everyone would own their own home – let me help you through this process and assure you that we can make you a homeowner.

Take a look at some common roadblock to becoming a homeowner.

  • Not being able to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan
  • Having Previous credit history that may affect your credit score
  • Not having enough cash for a down payment
  • Not finding your true dream home on the first go around
  • Inspection or appraisal issues

Important Financial Considerations Prior To Buying A Home:

  • How to get pre-approved for a mortgage
  • Having an understanding that not all banks and mortgage companies are the same
  • Knowing that you will need to have extra money for closing costs
  • Realizing that your income will be used to figure out how much you can afford
  • You may have a great job but if your debt load is high you will have a harder time getting a loan
  • Choosing the right mortgage terms to save you money in the long run
  • Using a licensed real estate agent to help you through the buying process


At Central Florida Prime Real Estate we know the task of buying a home, especially for first time home buyers can be challenging. We’d be happy to help you purchase the home of your dreams and walk you through the home buying process with confidence.

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