Pricing Your Central Florida Home For Sale

When selling your Orlando area home, one of the most important decisions is finding an accurate price for your property. If your property is not priced competitively buyers will likely overlook it, leaving you with little interest. Remember that housing markets are local and they can vary and change depending on neighborhood and city, as well as current market and demand. When listing your home, we consider comparable properties and their selling price so we can determine the best asking price; while also considering trends in your area. Check out our Orlando Home Sellers Guide for further information.

To get an accurate evaluation of what your Central Florida home is currently worth contact us we’d be happy to discuss your current selling plan, and determine how we can best help you. We believe the formula is simple – by accurately pricing your home, you will have access to a higher percentage of buyers, thus increased interest on your home.

sample chartConsidering Recent Central Florida Home Sales

When determining an accurate price for your home it is very important to look at recent Central Florida area sales. This can be a good starting point to determining a listing price. Considering and evaluating the statistics of sold homes is our first step in attaining a true market value for your home, while also considering what you are hoping to list the home for.

Being Cautious Of Over Pricing Your Home

Buyers in todays markets are looking at current prices of multiple homes; they want to pay what the home is currently worth, not a potential future valuation. Be cautious to not let greed or a specific number get in the way of selling your home. We suggest clients to consider offers, but also maintaining an objective attitude, taking into consideration the current marketplace and comparables.

Consider All Costs

If you have a certain amount that you would like to receive after selling your home, be sure to include the estimates for closing costs.
Here are some items that you will have to consider when selling your home:

  • Doc Stamp taxes and surtax on deed
  • HOA/Condominium Association and Estoppel Fees
  • Title Search Charges
  • Recording and other fees to cure title
  • Sellers attorney’s fees
  • Sellers realtor’s commission

Placing Yourself In The Buyers Shoes

Consider the features you value in your home, more than likely these features are also what a future homebuyer will value in your home. If there are upgrades or remodeling needed in the home, likely a buyer will also notice this. Take a look at today’s buyer trends and consider upgrading things that may be outdated, this can be as simple as changing the homes faucets or staining a cabinet. If your kitchen is outdated upgrading the appliances may be helpful, as this will also be one of the items that buyers look at. If you don’t see a value in your home than it will be difficult for somebody else to see the value.

Limit The Timeframe

We believe its extremely important to monitor the activity on your home. If your home sits for too long it can negatively affect the price, and deter potential buyers from considering the property. Buyers will often question why the home is still for sale. The first two weeks are crucial to any home on the market. We aim to capture as many buyers as we can and listen to what others have to say about your property so we can make adjustments as needed in an appropriate timeframe.

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