• Albin Hubscher- Central Florida Real Estate Agent

    Central Florida Real Estate Agent – Albin Hubscher

    Albin Hubscher has resided in the Central Florida area for the past ten years, and has been a licensed real-estate agent for nine years. Albin has a passion for helping families and individuals find the right homes that suit both their needs and their budgets, taking into consideration all aspects of their life.

    Albin began working to help families and individuals find homes that were truly what they were looking for. “I understand that finding the right home can be challenging; I am here to help you and your family find a home in the most enjoyable way; what matters to you, is important to me.” Albin understands that each individual and family has different needs, wants, and wishes when looking for a new home, or selling theirs. Through his personalized and relational approach Albin puts his clients first – he believes that whether it is purchasing a first home, finding the right lease, or placing your current house on the market, clients should feel comfortable, confident, and never pressured.

    Albin is originally from Colombia, South America, and is a native and fluent Spanish speaker. Albin has previously resided in Windermere, Winter Park, Maitland, and currently lives in Baldwin Park with his wife. When not helping families find their dream home, Albin enjoys being a foodie, wine enthusiast, playing golf, and tennis. Albin is a Rollins College graduate, and received an MBA from the Crummer School of Business.

    Both as a resident and realtor, Albin knows the in’s and out’s of the various Central Florida communities, giving him a unique insight when helping families and individuals determine their ideal location. Albin has a strong knowledge of the various neighborhoods, what they offer, and how it relates to his client’s “wish list” within Central Florida. Albin believes a successful Realtor finds what is important to clients, and it is followed through by strong communication skills, a hardworking attitude, honesty, and having the ability to advocate and negotiate on behalf of his clients.

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  • Lynette Piontek- Central Florida Real Estate Agent

    Central Florida Real Estate Agent -Lynette Piontek

    Lynette has been serving satisfied customers in Central Florida with their real estate needs for over twenty years. She has gained valuable experience in selling properties quickly for top dollar. Lynette is passionate about listening to her clients’ needs and helping them with every detail for buying and selling, with no challenge too difficult for her to handle.

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  • Tim & Laura

    We were lucky enough to work with Albin to find a home in Baldwin Park. His deep understanding of the area came through as he took time to get to know us and what we were looking for in a home. He was thoughtful and knowledgeable throughout the process and interjected sincere opinions when asked.  We never felt we were being "sold" a thing. We would not only highly recommend Albin (and have!) but would happily work with him again.
  • Kevin R.

    We loved working with Albin. He knows his business, but more importantly, he knows people. He listens, learns and presents you with options that suit your needs. Very refreshing and rewarding to have the opportunity to work with him. Not only will I work with him again in the future, I always recommend him to friends, family and clients! He is that good and reliable.
  • James R.

    If you're looking for a realtor that doesn't waste anytime, looks as hard as you would for your perfect home, and is overly enjoyable to be around, Albin is your guy! My fiancé and I met him when we were looking for a rental. A year after that we were ready to buy, and thought of Albin straight away! We gave him an idea of what we wanted and within less than 12 hours, he had 6 different properties lined up for us to view. They were even in priority order! Albin helped us put an offer into our favorite, and we signed the papers a month later! I hear so many horror stories and how painful the house buying process can be. We found it to be the complete opposite and couldn't thank Albin more! We've passed his info on to friends (one of which found an awesome house with Albin's help), and will most definitely use him when we are ready to buy our next house! He was thorough, proactive, and fun to work with! Thanks Albin!
  • Collier S.

    I recently moved to Orlando and Albin helped me find a great apartment to rent. I knew very little about the city but Albin did a great job of listening to what I wanted in terms of location, neighborhood, amenities, and price range and was able to show me several places that met my criteria. I was very impressed by how quickly he was able to show me apartments after my initial contact and by his level of professionalism to help me find the perfect home. I definitely recommend using Albin to help find your next home
  • Kacey

    I could not be happier with Albin he is absolutely wonderful!! He has been my agent since 2013 when I was looking for a house to rent in Orlando. In 2015, my family decided to buy a house and he was a tremendous help! He is highly professional and went above and beyond to help us. He is very knowledgable with the area and gave us some great advice! Purchasing a home for us first time buyers was an overwhelming process and Albin really made the process much easier. He really cares about us getting the right home rather than making his sale. We really appreciate that! Even after we got the keys, Albin has been in touch and assured for help for any guidance or information. I'd definitely work with him again in the future
  • Tom & Sherri S.

    We asked Albin to come and list our house during the time when values had dropped, we had to move for work. He was very honest with us and suggested we rent for a few years so we would make more money later. We did what he said, and after two years with a great renter he facilitated, he listed our home and we made a profit when we never thought we would. Albin was a fantastic realtor who had our best interest in mind, even when he could have made the sale immediately.
  • Amanda R.

    I can honestly say we would not be in the house we are in today if it wasn't for Albin and his proactive attitude and communication. He went above and beyond for us, even helping us view our house before the line of people that were scheduled for it. I was incredible impressed with the amount of time he spent with us. From day one, when a listing we were interested was already rented, he sent us other options daily. I would wake up with new choices give a yay or nay and immediately we would move forward. I never felt obligated or pushed to view a house, Albin gave off this feel that it is 100% your decision, I'm just providing options in your area a feeling, which was refreshing. I cannot imagine anyone else willing to put as much time into a rental property, but we are very thankful for his time and patience with us. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or rent a house. I know when I am ready to buy a house I will use Albin Hubscher.
  • Thomas A.

    Albin called in contractors for us to place granite and flooring for us since we lived out of town and our Florida home was a second home. He handled everything for us, including connecting us with a cleaning lady, lawn care people, and even dog sat for us once for a few days. I have never had a realtor who cared more or who did so much for his clients. We have and will continue to refer him to everyone we know.
  • Sean S.

    Albin was a tremendous help for my roommate and I to find our current place in Baldwin Park. With our busy work schedules, Albin scouted out potential places for us without us being present, always keeping our budget and ideal location in mind. He provided honest feedback into the places we visited and made the apartment search a seamless one. We love where we are currently living and it would not have happened if it wasn't for Albin. It was happenstance that we crossed paths but Albin went above and beyond anything we ever expected. Albin is a hardworking and trustworthy resource who I have already recommended to a couple friends. One of which he already helped find a new place for. When it comes time for my next housing search, there is only one person I am going to go to, Albin.
  • Rebecca

    Albin was a pleasure to work with. It was refreshing to meet somebody who truly cared more about helping, and building a relationship with his clients, than the bottom line. While I was only looking for a rental property, he went above and beyond to help me find a place that was in my price range, had everything I was looking for, and was in a great location. Even after his job was done, Albin took the time to follow up several times, just to make sure that I was satisfied. I know that if I were to ever need real estate help in the future, Albin would not only be happy to help, but would remember me as well. This characteristic, combined with his professionalism, persistence, and willingness to help clients make him stand out in this industry. I highly recommend Albin's services, because such qualities are hard to come by.
  • Alexis R.

    Albin is one of the best real estate professionals I have ever encountered. I was not looking forward to searching for a new place to live, but Albin made it incredibly easy. From the very beginning, I was impressed with his ability to hit the ground running. He asked all the right questions and found great options for me almost immediately. He is extremely knowledgable and consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best of the best. During the entire process, I knew I was in great hands with Albin. I highly recommend Albin to anyone looking for a high-end, seamless experience with a reliable professional.


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