Learn What to Ask and What You Should Be Aware of

College is a transitional point in life. People are forced to be on their own and independent, to some extent, from their parents and family. There are a lot of issues that students face when going out on their own for the first time. They’re forced to search for living accommodations, financial management, and potential roommates.

Make Sure to Start Early and ask a lot of Questions

Searching for living accommodations as an 18-year-old, for the first time, is a difficult process. There are a wide range of things that must absolutely be considered. Initially, one should make a list of questions.  These questions should be things that are asked regarding all of the rental properties that one plans on touring and other things such as:

  • Is there a security deposit?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • How many bedrooms am I looking for?
  • How many roommates do I want?
  • What is the security deposit?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Is the neighbourhood safe and quiet?
  • Does the price include utilities?

Something else to consider adding in to the rotation of places that are toured is on-campus living situations. This can include dorms, fraternities, etc. These can be an economical alternative to living off-campus.

Financial Planning and Management

Financial management is a crucial part of being on your own for the first time. One should have a fundamental understanding of creating their budget. People who cannot properly create a budget and abide by it, quickly run in to financial hardships because they’ve overspent what money they did have.    Additionally, have a security deposit readily available so that there’s no delay in potentially moving in to a rental property. No one wants to miss out on their dream property because they didn’t have the deposit available. That should be a crucial part of your budget. There are typically also additional fees that should be expected such as application fees and pet fees.

Will You Have Roommates?

Lastly, people moving out for the first time may have to consider whether they would like to live with a roommate. Roommate selection is a very critical process and is nearly as important as selecting the rental property itself. One needs to ensure that they and their potential roommate understand each other’s expectations going into the arrangement. Having a roommate that could potentially leave the apartment in a mess, party until the early hours of the morning, or create noise pollution at all hours of the day would not be an ideal roommate at any point, especially in college. They need to be present for the application process and be going through the same steps that you do.

Moving away from home to go to college is a scary point in someone’s life. They’re transitioning from having everything done for them to having to be independent now. Being responsible for one’s own actions is definitely a learning process. With a wide range of great resources and a fundamental understanding of what to expect, it shouldn’t be as difficult.

Resources Online to Help Finding an Apartment of Living Space

Finding your first apartment or living space is difficult enough on your own so we have compiled a list of reputable sources to help ease this transition process:

Also make sure to look at local organizations and support groups through your University to help finding an apartment or living space.

Make Sure to Read over any Lease Agreement

Make sure to read over any legal documents and lease agreements before signing anything! Having made this mistake time and time again this will ensure you aren’t left with headaches and hassles down the road. Make sure to have your Co-Signer read through the entire document as well as yourself to check for errors and things that may not be what you agreed to initially. These terms will likely not be “Negotiable” so make sure they work for you before you sign. Make sure to understand and look for the following legal terms:

  • “Shares”
  • “Sublets”
  • “Early Termination”
  • “Non Negotiable”

These tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you when finding your first apartment or living space. Now you have the tools go find the perfect place to live. Congrats on this exciting moment in your life!